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Global Association of Online Trainers and Examiners (GAOTE) was formed on the realization of the need to harmonize open access and display of academic credentials by students and users of such information (academic institutions or employers). With this portal, students academic records (course, module, transcript and certificate) have a unique identifier generated by GAOTE on request of the acacemic or awarding institution. By appending this identifer to their linkeldin profile or their Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compliant Curriculum Vitae (C.V), a potential employer or academic institution would simply click the link which will resolve in Gaotes’ website special and this is aprove that this is a valid document that has been deposited/ recorded by an  academic, training or awarding institution. The benefit to the student is that it makes his/her document easily verified, avoids the numerous emails that are exchanged between the student, the verifying organization  and the awarding institution. In all this, data  confidentiality concerns are addressed by having the data being in open access mode, and also allowing the student powers over the exact type of data that he/she wants to make open access.  The time delays in verifications are avoided and the student is hired by an employer or admitted into a learning institution faster. 



To empower online examiners and trainers with the skills and knowledge to design and deliver high-quality online courses and assessments that meet global standards and expectations. To faciliate open access to academic data adn stakeholders profile and hence boost the growth a development of online and physical courses. 



A world where online education and academic stakeholders information is accessible, standardized, and recognized globally.



  1. To provide guidance to online examiners and trainers on how to structure their online courses and examinations in a standard and yet dynamic way;
  2. To make the courses gain global accreditation and recognition;
  3. To promote online education as a viable and valuable option for learners of all ages and backgrounds
  4. To provide universal open access to academic stakeholders information through permanent identifiers. 


  1. To develop and disseminate best practices and standards for online course design, delivery, and assessment;
  2. To establish partnerships and collaborations with reputable online education providers and accreditation bodies;
  3. To raise awareness and advocacy for online education among policymakers, employers, and the public.
  4. To implement a unique permanent identifier policy for awarding institutions, scholars, and trainers 


  1. Quality
  2. Innovation
  3. Diversity
  4. Collaboration
  5. Integrity
  6. Excellence
  7. Open access
  8. Unique and permanent identification


The Global Association of Online Trainers and Examiners (GAOTE) is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the quality and recognition of online education. One of its main goals is to create a universal system of academic identifiers that can be used by scholars to showcase their achievements and qualifications from different online learning platforms and institutions.

By using a unique identifier, scholars can easily link their academic records from various sources and display them in a unified and comprehensive way. This would allow them to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a more holistic and accurate manner, compared to the traditional method of presenting certificates from individual providers. Moreover, this would also facilitate the verification and validation of academic credentials by employers, educators, and other stakeholders, as they can access the complete and verified information from a single source.

The GAOTE system would also benefit the online learning providers and institutions, as they can increase their visibility and reputation by being part of a global network of quality education. They can also reduce the costs and complexities of issuing and verifying certificates, as they can rely on the GAOTE platform to handle these processes. Furthermore, they can enhance their collaboration and innovation by sharing best practices and resources with other members of the GAOTE community.

The GAOTE system is designed to be simple, secure, and scalable. It uses blockchain technology to ensure the integrity and immutability of the academic records, as well as to protect the privacy and identity of the scholars. It also uses artificial intelligence to analyze and validate the credentials, as well as to provide personalized recommendations and feedback to the scholars. The GAOTE system is open to all online learning providers and institutions that meet the quality standards and criteria set by the GAOTE organization.

The GAOTE system is a visionary and revolutionary initiative that aims to transform the way online education is delivered, recognized, and valued. It is a system that empowers scholars to showcase their lifelong learning journey, and enables employers, educators, and other stakeholders to access reliable and comprehensive information about their qualifications. It is a system that fosters quality, transparency, and trust in online education.

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