The following permanent unique identifiers are provided to anyone who require then at no cost

Awarding Institution Identifier

A permanent identifier for an awarding institution is given free of charge


However, awarding institutions may become voting members by paying an annual membership fee which is based on the amount of turnover/expenses as follows;

Annual membership fee tiers (for organizations registering Digital Content)

The annual membership fee entitles the member to voting rights and access to GAOTE extra services, which could be separate from content registration. Content registration for courses, modules, transcripts and certificates is charged separately as provided under a separate guide.  

Our membership fees for organizations who will be registering Digital Course Records are tiered depending on the institutional revenue or expenses of your organization. Please select your tier from the table below, and use the higher number of either:

  1. Total annual  revenue from all the divisions of your organization (the member is considered to be the largest legal entity) for all types of activities. Or, if no revenue then:
  2. Total annual  operations expenses including (but not limited to) staff costs, outsourcing, consulting, typesetting, etc.

Bronze Premium Membership

Less than USD 1 million @ USD 250

Silver Premium Membership

USD 1 million – USD 10 million @ USD 1,500

Gold Premium Membership

USD 11 million – USD 50 million @ USD 8,000

Platinum Premium Membership

USD 51 million – USD 200 million @ USD 21,500

Diamond Premium Membership

USD 201 million – USD 500 million @ USD 32,500

Titanium Premium Membership

More than USD 500 million @ USD 48,000

GAOTE Membership Benefits

Category Annual Fee  Benefits-Free Membership Social Media Thank you Story Appointment into Advisory Boards Thank you Tokens Discount on selected items/products Api Access
Free Non Voting Member 0 Free Membership 0 0 0 0 0
Bronze $250 N/A 1 1 1 1% 1
Silver $1,500 N/A 2 2 2 2% 2
Gold $8,000 N/A 3 3 3 3% 3
Diamond $21,500 N/A 4 4 4 4% 4
Platimum $32,500 N/A 5 5 5 5% 5
Titanium $48,000 N/A 6 6 6 6% 6