Cost of Course Review and Accreditation

The cost for reviewing a curriculum and accrediting a course is as follows:

Procedure of accrediting course:

  1. First step is to create an account which is the same as applying for a free institutional identifier.
  2. Second step is to log in account you have created as an institution and proceed to request for and pay for course identifier and unit module identifiers for your course
  3. The third stage is to request for course accreditation by clicking on the button “get accredited”.
  4. The fourth step is to fill in the notional hours of the course to enable calculation of credit hours. Notional hours is the total of all the direct and indirect hours required to complete a course and includes face to face lecture hours, virtual classes, videos, seminar, workshops, self study, assignments, assessments and industrial attachment. A standard rate of 10 notional hours =1 academic credit is applied.
  5. The fifth step is to pay for the number of academic credits depending on the category
  6. The sixth step is to attach the curriculum and start filling the self evaluation questionnaire and indicate the scores on listed course aspects
  7. The seventh step is to submit the self evaluation questionnaire to GAOTE for a GAOTE assessor to verify and do an separate scoring assessment.
  8. The eighth step is for a GAOTE assessor to submit his/her score regarding the course. If the average score for both self evaluer and assessors is more than 50%, the accreditation of the course is deemed successful and approved. An accreditation certificate for the course is then made available in the dashboard of the institution which requested the course accreditation. The certificate will denote the name of the course, the course identifier, the institution name and identifier, the number of notional hours and academic credits and the ISCED level.
  9. If the average score from self evaluation and GAOTE assessor is less than 50%, then the awarding institution/course creator is requested to provide more details to GAOTE until GAOTE is satisfied to give a final approval for credit accreditation.
  10. The awarding institution can then download the course accreditation certificate and display it together with the course identifier on the website or social media platform where they offer the course. Anyone who wishes to verify the course accreditation can click on the course identifier and it should terminate in GAOTEs website as proof of validity. The Awarding institution can also use the GAOTE logo next to their course and such a logo should be embedded with the institutional identifier, so as to terminate to GAOTE special page dedicated to the awarding institution

Courses with less than 15 credit hours

USD 100.00

Courses with 15 to 30 credit hours

USD 150.00

Courses with 31-60 credit hours

USD 200.00

Courses with 61-120 credit hours

USD 250.00